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Martial Arts Classes for Pre-School Children

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Kids Love Our Programs…and so do their parents!

The kids have a lot of fun learning basic karate skills and the parents value that our main focus with the children is character development and life skills training! Pace Karate in Vernon, has been running a program for pre-schoolers for over 20 years. Our “Little Ninjas & Little Dragons” program are a great launching pad to start your child in the martial arts.

Our Little Ninjas karate classes in Vernon teach focus, self-discipline and respect.

Here is what the parents are saying:

“Our family is so lucky to be associated with the Pace Institute of Karate. We have seen such a remarkable difference in Ryan because of this. His self confidence has improved immensely by being involved in karate and interacting with you and your instructors.”

 Your school and the people involved with it have been a positive influence on Ryan. one that will stay with him for a lifetime. Pace Institute of Karate is a wonderful place to learn and grow. We’re very happy we found you.”

Jennifer & Bob Sunda

“Christian has grown so much since he’s become a part of the Pace Karate Institute family. He has much more confidence in himself, more respectful of others, and has drastically improved his focus and listening skills. His karate lessons in Vernon have been absolutely wonderful, and will give Christian the tools he needs to be successful in anything he chooses to achieve in life!”

Lucy and Kevin Dunay

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Karate Lessons for Preschool Children in Vernon, NJ -sp


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